Finish a thought- MHCM commision

So, remember back in this post I showed you what I had been working on for my first real commission? And then I moved on to good thrift finds and North Hampton and Christmas without ever telling you about my commission again? Well, here's what is up. I've made 5 Concha breads for the display so far! And am still working on a bunch of colorful sugar cookies. If you aren't familiar with concha bread you need to find a Mexican bakery and try some pan dulce!


  1. Super lovely blog!



  2. I've never ever tried these breads.. I NEED TO TRY THEM. i LOVE mexican food. (my grandma is Puerto Rican... but she was born in Spain.. not all exactly the same food... but everything in that direction.. GAHHH DIE *LOVE!!!) I have to try this one day, unfortunately we dont have any mexican bakeries in Germany :( Need to make a plan and eat some of that yummy looking goodness.

  3. The baked goods are so colorful and really pretty. You could try to bake them yourself if you can't find them in Germany?! I haven't tried this yet but looks like it got good reviews http://allrecipes.com/recipe/conchas-mexican-sweet-bread/