upcycled jewelry box

I'm not exactly sure if "upcycled" is the right term for this project, but you'll see what I mean. So, I found this old jewelry box out by the garbage at my mom's house and decided I could give it another use. A whacky tincture station for my whacky sister.

I had to keep reminding myself it was going to be a gift for my sister, and not myself, but I ended up painting it colors that I would like anyway.

This project took a bit of time, but mostly because I didn't have a set plan and was making my mind up (and changing it) as I went. The cost was completely free because I had the materials all laying around the house and the jewelry box itself was found in the trash.

Here are the basic steps I took: I Removed all the hardware and then lightly cleaned and sanded the wood.I used a glue gun to line the drawers with chocolate brown felt. With some tape I was able to block off my pattern and then I painted it with acrylic paint. When the whole thing was dry I went over it with a gloss medium to help prevent it from chipping. Then I cut out some birds from my Life of Birds book and glued them in there too. I got rid of the 'stained glass' door and added some pastel and lace fabric. I put back some of the original hardware and that was that. 

See, isn't it whacky?


  1. thanks so much girl, i love it! this is truly a one of a kind piece and i love that you used colors that remind me of you!
    PS - cool photo of me holding the box and you can see us in the mirror inside it!