Funny Pair

It was almost 2 months ago I made a post telling you about the 1/2 your age collaboration for Barrett. You can see some of what the process was like here if you haven't already. So, Saturday was the opening and let me tell you, Jeff and I worked down to the minute. We didn't procrastinate, I swear! Things just take longer than you think! There are still a few little things we want to do to our pieces, so we listed them for sale but as a "work in progress." The opening was great and the place was packed!
Oh, I guess I should tell you what we made! We titled our piece "Funny Pair 1 & 2." We made 2 wooden sculptural yet functional cabinets. Once we get them professionally photographed I will post pictures showing how they operate.Or you can see them in person at Barrett Art Center, they will be showing until May 6th!