24 Miles

 I have been sort of absent from this little blog of mine lately. Things were a bit hectic last week I suppose. These are just some cell phone pics from a break we took on our 24 mile round trip bicycle ride the other day. I've just gotten comfortable with 12-16 miles at a time so 24 was tough! But felt really great and I stopped feeling bad about the veggie burger and fries and ice cream from the night before.  I've escaped to Vermont for the weekend and am about to enjoy a delicious all local meal after a day of pedal boating on the lake! Feeling pretty good. What are you doing this weekend?!


  1. That's freaking awesome. I've been meaning to get a bike ever since I moved to Philly and I just haven't done it!

    1. I actually got my bike a couple years ago at the salvation army in east Northport! for like 30 bucks in great condition. check yr thrift stores!