I've been pushing myself in a lot of ways lately to just do more and be better.  I've been working hard on being healthy,  reading more, listening to more music, going to shows, being more social and just generally saying yes to as many opportunities as I can. This weekend that meant seeing some bands play in New Paltz, going out to the bar for a friend's birthday, the arlington street festival in Po-town (I got bubble tea, falafel, a veggie samosa, & thrifted 2 shirts and a wallet for 50cents!) , and a kinda crazy Fall party held by one of my coworkers.  And today has just been really wonderful and relaxing.  John and I opened all the windows, cleaned and saged our apt., and then cuddled in a hammock in the sun.  Just feelin' super excited that Fall is here and feel like it's going to be a really productive and beautiful season for me.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend - I too am trying to appreciate all life has to offer a bit more - amazing things happen when you put yourself out there in the world :)

    1. It really was! I found myself not doing things because I would think "what if..." all the time. Now just trying to enjoy life and not worry until I have a reason to!