Sleepy Hollow

Saturday I took the train to Tarrytown where John and Ant met me for a nice fall adventure. I got my much needed after-train-ride-latte and vegan cookie and then we explored town. We ended up in the woods at the building site for a haunted house, which made for a fun, blood splattered photo back drop. The dress I'm wearing is my new 60's floral dress from KooKooKachooVintage, one of my new favorite etsy stores! After playing around there we made our way to the historic Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, which was a spooky yet romantic place to be this time of year. We walked around for 3 straight hours before heading home. A perfect October day with my boys.


  1. Thanks so much for buying and wearing a dress from my shop!! It looks great on you! I love your shoes as well...too cute!
    Thanks again! <3

    1. of course! you have a lot of really cute stuff in yr shop :)