a day in Da Bronx

Last week we had a little adventure to da Bronx. John's mom has been talking about wanting to visit the neighborhood she grew up in, so John drove us all down for a little day trip! We got to see the house she lived in, her favorite pizza place, the school she went to, her favorite bakery, and hear stories from her childhood. We also had some real good pizza which I had been craving since being in Brooklyn the night before and not getting any. Anyway, I think we made his Mom very happy. It was a really nice day that we are thinking of making into a fall tradition.

Don't forget to check out my tumblr for The Fancy Bear Vintage! I've been posting shop updates, but also some outfits, random vintage inspired things and almost selfies! (this is my first time using the word "selfie", by the way).. anyway... you just might find a nice fall coupon code if you scroll through too!

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