Bows in Action- Featured on Hummusbird!

Photo by Brigette via Hummusbird.com
Oh my Lovely. Here is an old friend of mine, Brigette, wearing one of my handmade hair bows! Doesn't she make it look good!? Brig has a blog called Hummusbird, which features her travel stories, fashion, DIY, decorating, and really, as her blog description says, "All things beautiful". After recently catching up with her a bit, I sent her a little gift of 2 handmade bows. The one she is wearing above was designed for her based on imagery from her blog, like this. This bow is now available made to order in my etsy shop.

Anyway, lucky me, my bows were featured on that lovely blog of hers!and she kinda said the sweetest all too wonderful things about me! Check out her post and gorgeous photos of them here.
Thanks, HummusBird!

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