Homemade Sweet Treats

 I love marshmallows but being vegetarian, I rarely get to enjoy them since they almost always have gelatin in them. So last week when John found a bag of vegan marshmallows at Mother Earth's and convinced me to buy them for like $7.00, I knew I had to make it worth it!

Homemade vegan rice crispy treats:

Bag of vegan Marshmallows (the brand I used is called "Dandies")

2 Tbsp Earth balance or other vegan butter substitute
5 Cups crispy rice - I used a brown rice crispy cereal

1. Heat vegan butter in sauce pan on med heat until melted.
2. Add in yr mallows and stir stir stir until they are losing shape and almost melted.
3. turn off heat and add the crispy rice. Stir until combined.
4. Pour into a greased casserole dish.
5. Let cool and then refrigerate until they harden!

This was my first time making these so I kept it pretty simple, but next time I'm definitely adding to the recipe. I'm thinking shredded coconut and chocolate chips!

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