Shop Update!

 Just dropping in to let you know I've added a few new things to my shop! If you haven't checked out my store before, it's a collection of vintage women's clothing and house decor, and some handmade things as well. I am also now accepting credit cards through direct check out and etsy gift cards!  Please take a look if you have time. The holidays are coming up, so please consider supporting small businesses- I'm not just talking about my shop, but from local handmade businesses, maybe even from people you know in your community. This year I'm attempting to give gifts that are  entirely handmade or from a small/local business. It will be a challenge in that I wont be able to really wait til the last minute to shop, but rewarding in that the gifts will be unique and special, and I wont be giving my money to big corporations. 

Don't forget to use coupon code "SEAFOAM15" to get 15% off your order at TheFancyBear Handmade & Vintage.

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