Faux Apple Picking

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jackie came up and visited me from Long Island. Jackie is pretty much the only friend who I managed to stay close with after high school. I love that even if we don't talk for a couple of weeks, as soon as we do we pick up right where we left off, and are usually hysterically laughing within minutes. She's super easy going, and really she just rules. The only problem is we live 100- something miles away from one another and our days off of work rarely match up!
The weekend before Halloween she was able to come up for 1 day. (not enough girl time at all!) So we had to cram the day with adventure the second she got here. We got brunch at this cute spot called Babycakes over by Vassar college. Then we decided to go apple picking, but apparently there are no more apples on the trees at the end of October!? So we went faux apple picking, and picked the best ones out of 4 different bins. I made Jackie pretend to pick apples from the trees because picking them from a bin just isn't all that exciting for a picture. We made a day of it and rode the hayride, played in the corn maze, had cider donuts, and hung out with some farm animals. I even held my first chicken!  After our big farm adventure we got cozy at the house with a zombie movie and some burritos. Once night came around we got in our Halloween costumes and headed to New Paltz and Jackie headed home.
Sometimes I forget how great it is to have a good girl friend around since I spend most of my time with boys. Not that I don't have a great time with the boys, just it's good to get some feminine energy around me. Anyway, that day really ruled, and having a good girl friend around really rules too.